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Katerina's Christmas Fundraiser for the Lighthouse

Du 24 novembre 2020 au 28 décembre 2020

Description de l'événement

I recently discovered the Lighthouse organization earlier this year and after seeing the work that they do, this cause really spoke to me. I think its absolutely incredible that they created a haven in which children that are threatened by illness and their families are able to get the proper care and support that they need.

After attending a fundraiser for them earlier this year, I saw how important their fundraising events were for them to keep the center up and running to provide the best care possible. Of course, with the COVID-19 pandemic, they have had to cancel their in-person fundraising events. I really wanted to try to find a way to help, in any way, which is why I wanted to set up a fundraising page for whoever wishes to donate to them this holiday season.

Date de l'événement
Du 24 novembre 2020 au 28 décembre 2020
Lieu de l'événement
2725, av. du Mont-Royal Est
Montréal, H1Y0A1

Liste des donateurs

Katerina Pisegna 50 $
Sara Ignoto 25 $
Tory Lackman 25 $
Sandra Pisegna 25 $
Cathy Pisegna 25 $
Josie Mirarchi 25 $
Lori Marconi 25 $
Joanne Mandato 25 $
Diane Martin 25 $
Anonyme 50 $

Merci à tous nos généreux donateurs !

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Montant amassé

Objectif Amassé Jours
500 $ 300 $ 0

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Nom de l'organisateur

Katerina Pisegna

Adresse courriel



514 884-9708

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